Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dorm Bedding Bargain Shopping!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I hope your Monday wasn't too unbearable...but then again, starting over the work week being trapped all day from the summer sun can get even the happiest person down. Enough negativity though--I want to share with you all of the new bedding I'm considering for my dorm this year, and hear from you what your favorite bedding brands are! I would love to hear your opinion on the sets I've picked out. Yes, I still have my bedding from college last year, but I got it to match my roommate who ended up being not-so-nice, and I'd rather not keep it and have it remind me of my rooming experience with her everyday. Yes--it was that bad. But, that's another story for another time! To all readers who have yet to go to college...do NOT choose your roommate. Please, go random all the way. Choosing rarely ends well from what I've seen. Slightly got off track there, but here we go:

Okay, so first of all, I am OBSESSED with anything floral. It's to the point where everytime I go shopping I have to make an effort to not buy everything in a floral print. So of course I really want floral bedding (is there a floral obsessed anonymous group? Because I need to join). But I'm open to other prints too. So if anyone out there has a bedding brand they love, please share!

I want to start by showing you my boring bedding from last year...please make me feel better about buying new bedding...after using it only one year. It is kind of blah, right?

My roommate wanted us to both have black and white bedding so this is what I ended up getting. It's not horrible, but I definitely want to pull more color into my room. I just don't love it...and I think it's important really love and feel comfortable living in your room at school.

So I was searching online for new bedding, and thought I'd search IKEA to see if they had any fun patterns. Well, let me tell you...If you're looking for cheap, new bedding then IKEA is definitely the place to go! All of these sets come with the duvet cover, and the matching pillowcases...let's take a look!

This is the Emelina Ros Duvet cover, and is $49.99. It definitely is a little busy, but I think with some white throw pillows it could be really nice.

This one is the Renate Flora Duvet cover, and it's only $19.99! It's definitely busy too, but with so many different colors the decorating possibilities are endless. You could have throw pillows of any color, as well as decorations around the room.
I know...not floral! This is the Nyponros Duvet cover and is $29.99. I think it's classic and simple. What do you think?

This one is the Alvine Ljuv Duvet cover and is $29.99 . This picture doesn't really show the print in detail, but it's a beautiful floral print. And I love the stripes on the reverse side. They also have an adorable throw pillow that matches the set ($19.99):
Last but not least is the Kajsa Blad Duvet cover, and it only costs $9.99!! I know I said I wanted more color in my room, so I probably won't get this one. But I just had to show you the kinds of deals IKEA has.

The best part is the price of their down comforter inserts. IKEA has several options, based on how warm you would like your comforter to be. This one is called the Mysa Gras Comforter with a warmth rate of 1, and is only $9.99. What a great price!

Which one of these do you like best? Are there any places you love for bedding? Share with me! I'm planning on taking a trip to IKEA within the next week or so...so help me decide which to get before then! That is unless one of you show me some bedding I want even more! Well, that's it for now my beautiful followers! (All four of you...) Hoping to get more readers soon!  Have a wonderful rest of your day.



  1. I don't think the polka dot bedding was too bad! But I'm like you, I'm obsessed with florals!! my favorite bedding is the pink floral one (I'm obsessed with pink too;) and I also LOVE IKEA and all the deals they have. They're seriously the best :)

    Notes She Wrote

  2. i love the b&w bedding! what if you just got some bright, fun pillows as accents? pretty much anything goes with b&w - you could try some bright stripes or just plain solids. my old room had a theme of black, white, red and yellow - it reminded me of paris for some reason! :]

    xx sharon / lemonontherocks